Harnessing the Full

Power of Media

Interweaving story, visuals, audio and animation to
engage your audience and reach a wider world

Creating Captivating

Film and Video

Emotionally connecting with new customers and
building stronger brand recognition and loyalty

Compelling Viewer

Resonance and Response

Maximizing online response through video, which has a 1,200%
higher share rate than text and imagery combined

About Us

ASM is a boutique media agency based in the Raleigh-Durham area specializing in commercial, documentary and concept film and video. It’s founder and creative director Alex Schwindt is an award-winning filmmaker with over 16 years of experience working with businesses and non-profits to tell powerful stories and provoke strong customer responses.

Our Work

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Our Services

Film and Video

Bringing your dreams, ideas and projects to life, from concept to completion


Developing the right narrative and metaphor to create an emotional resonance


Crafting language that builds real connection with the viewer


Creating 2D and 3D elements and content that heightens the viewing experience

Color Grading

Utilizing advanced color theory to help your project stand out visually


Unleashing the power of sound, music and voice to bring projects to life

Our Clients


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